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Chronic insomnia is complex and often times hard to treat. It's not possible to "cure" insomnia as it's not a disease, but it can be treated and if maintained made so that it never comes back. The causes of insomnia are various, and no two people alike will experience the same sleep problems. But isn't it nice to know that beyond the top sleep aides for chronic insomnia, there are natural remedies that have been around for over a hundred years?

About 170 years ago a man by the name of Heinrich Wilhelm Dove discovered Binaural Beats. At the time he had no idea that his discovery would end up helping thousands to sleep better, he just thought it was interesting at the time! Over a hundred years later researchers started putting the binaural beats theory to use.

Binaural beats get the brain to produce a lower frequency, thus relaxing the body and helping people to sleep much easier. The sounds produced are at different frequencies so the brain compensates, thus lowering the frequency. I know it sounds like a bunch of scientific mumbo-jumbo but in reality it's just a way to tap the brakes on your brain.

Ever notice that when you go to sleep your mind seems to be running at full speed, and your body is just trying to relax. It's a conflict. So you need something to tune down your brain, this is where some people choose to take sedatives, pills, or read a book. While this works for some it doesn't necessarily help those that have chronic insomnia.

For those that have trouble, even when using other products, it may be time to try the binaural beats. It's not a trance, or some scary form of hypnosis where you don't have control over your body. The feelings usually include:

  • Body feeling heavy and relaxed
  • Lessened feelings of anxiety and stress
  • Feeling sedated, the body and mind are relaxed at the same time

Don't limit yourself to the top sleep aids for chronic insomnia, they aren't going to work for everyone. It's best to use something that's going to help your body to relax, and stay relaxed. You should never become dependent upon a medication, if something in your lifestyle changes and you can no longer take that medication you won't be sleeping for a while!

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Top Sleep Aids For Chronic Insomnia

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This article was published on 2010/04/01