Sleeping Well To Relieve Insomnia

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For insomnia relief, there is an existing simple technique. This can be tried if you are unable to find a proper treatment after seeing a doctor, and you want to stop taking pills. Counting breaths is a technique that can leave you feeling fresh in the morning, and can be used by people from ages 8 to 93.

Find a relaxing position and read below for how to do the technique.

Relieving insomnia by inhaling. While you're breathing in, remember the experience of coolness traveling in your airways.

Relieving insomnia by exhaling. Count as you exhale by pairing numbers with the number one. For example, you count by 11, or 12, etc. Continue for as long as feel you need to an experiment with whatever combination you choose. Make sure that your breath is not regulated.

lieving insomnia through normal breathing. Remain in a relaxing position as you do this. Ensure that you're not counting your breaths.

Relieving insomnia through exertion in breathing. As you inhale and exhale, count your breaths, this time with a combination of numbers with 2. For example, 21 and 22.

Repeat the exercise. Do not forget the relaxing and cooling feeling as you inhale, and the count of breaths as you exhale. If youre just a beginner, you may find it hard to stick to the routine, but dont worry. If your mind has wandered during the exercise, repeat from step 3. This technique will slowly loosen taut muscles and will help you get a peaceful sleep.

What if you're having difficulty sleeping?

Twenty minutes is the approximate time for you to sleep once you lie down. Don't panic if you are unable to do this. Instead, try doing this advanced technique.

Try this advanced method if you find that you are unable to get a good sleep at night. Continue with the counting breath technique. Make sure that you are relaxed and enjoy this feeling as you feel each breath intake and as you count each exhalation. Once you reach the hundredth number, repeat the pattern. You may think its absurd because by making the brain count it cant think of sleeping, but youre wrong. As you keep doing it, the body eventually relaxes and you fall asleep without you even noticing.

If you have difficulty maintaining a complete sleep for the whole night, use the counting breath method. Its guaranteed to help you sleep and it will give you a feeling of refreshment the next day. In no time at all, youll be surprised that you no longer have insomnia. Insomnia cures vary for each sufferer, but this technique works for all. Just keep doing the method before you go to bed.
Perform physical actions as treatment for insomnia.

The body gets excited when there is physical activity, sound, lighting or other forms of stimuli. However, physical activities usually manage to excite the nerves more. As such, this excitement declines more rapidly, usually after only a few hours, thus making you sleepy.

Cures for insomnia are prevalent in the market today, sometimes even surgery is considered. However, more often than not, insomnia can be cured just by making relative changes to a person's daily routine.

Relying only on old cures for insomnia may not be solely enough.
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Sleeping Well To Relieve Insomnia

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